Welcome to the Website of the Hotel Vista al Tortuguero

We welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. In this web section you will learn about us, for example; Who we are, Our services, Location, The quality of our rooms among many other things. 

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Our Location

We are located in the beautiful canton of Pococí, specifically in the Cariari area, a rural town adjacent to the tourist area par excellence of Tortuguero, part of our job is to convey a tropical environment, full of peace, tranquility and relaxation to our clients. 

Our Work Team

We work with an excellent work staff where we take care not only of the quality and integrity of our clients and those who purchase our lodging services, but also of ourselves, we are a transparent team focused on giving the best of each one of us for quality. of the standards of our Hotel and the quality of attention and care of our clients. Learn more about who we are in the following button.

Get to know our various rooms, enjoy a private, safe comfort, full of comfort and tranquility.

We make an effort in the quality of our rooms for the enjoyment and rest of our clients and those who visit us.

Learn more about our services in the following button.

Our services

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More than ten thousand visitors.
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We are open to the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You can easily make your payments through Cash, Card or Sinpe Móvil.

We have an excellent variety of rooms adapted to your needs.

We have security throughout the Hotel, not only an officer in charge in person but also a camera system that covers every corner.

You can easily park your vehicle inside the hotel, our parking lot is not only spacious, but you can also park in front of your room.

Being so close to the center of the community, you have the ease of being able to go out without any problem and visit the various culinary areas of the town.