In this section you will learn about us, who we are, what our goals are, what our mission and vision are and our values ​​as a company.

About us!

We are a company committed to the development of the area and the comfortable welcome of both national and international tourism. Founded in 2007, the Hotel Vista al Tortuguero has differentiated itself from the competition for its efficiency and professionalism.

Made up of an excellent work team, we are available to the client to not only access but exceed their expectations with our services.

Come and meet our company in person, enjoy a healthy, quiet and safe accommodation. Ask about our services so you can acquire the one that best suits your needs. 

Our mission!

  • Offer our guests hospitality, care and excellent service, through individualized treatment by highly motivated staff.

Our vision!

  • Represent the hospitality of the hotel, preserving and promoting our cultural, social and environmental values ​​and creating unique experiences that motivate our guests to return. 

Our values!

The main values ​​that guide the actions of the group of people that make up the Hotel
Vista al Tortuguero are:
• Commitment to meet and exceed all expectations of our guests and
• Respect for all our guests, clients, shareholders, collaborators,
suppliers and community members as a means of promoting relationships
• Integrity in each of our actions, facing all situations with
honesty, trustworthiness and rectitude.
• Innovation aimed at offering modern facilities to make life more comfortable.
stay, streamline communications and improve the experience of all our
• Responsibility with our clients, the environment and the region in order to
maintain the sustainability and sustainability of tourism in our area.

Our objectives!

• Exceed customer expectations in every situation.
• Promote the well-being of our employees.
• Contribute to the socio-economic progress of our region.
• Preserving the environment.
• Generate high levels of profitability.

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