Our services.

Here we will know our services and work approach that we develop in our company. Join us and get to know us more. 


Our main service is that of our rooms, the hotel service. We have a variety of rooms for the needs of our customers. Important, for a breakdown of our prices and diversity of housing styles, we want you to contact us directly, this in order to provide you with completely personalized, personal and real-time advice. To consult about our rooms, just click on the following button.


We have an excellent parking service, spacious and safe where you can safely keep your vehicle while you use our rooms. It is important to emphasize that you can keep your car or motorcycle in front of your room, that is, we have a customer-friendly parking lot.


Part of our benefits at the hotel is the security we have. 

We have an excellent security service in the place, where thanks to our camera system, the entire external area is monitored and in addition to this we have a private guard. This in order to preserve the integrity and security of our customers.